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Medical Experts

Medical Experts

Protect your critical deadlines, eliminate surprises, and take the uncertainty out of finding a medical expert.

Removing risk from medical expert engagement in personal injury cases.

When your matter calls for precise medical expertise, you can select the best-suited option from our pre-vetted expert panel and receive dedicated case management support.

We offer a full-service approach with expert sourcing and recruitment, attorney/expert communication, and case coordination, benefiting clients and experts. Clients avoid the risks of engaging the wrong medical experts and getting bogged down with process and administration. Medical experts gain from the valuable opportunities, exposure, and support IMS provides.

Count on our deadline-driven professionals to find the best medical expert and ensure the engagement is seamless.

Let's Get Started

These services are presently available in Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida and may be limited by locationPlease contact our team for details or click here to learn about our custom expert search process.