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Voir Dire & Jury Selection - Overview

Voir Dire & Jury Selection

Develop a strong strategy to identify undesirable jurors and maximize your cause challenges.

Increasing your odds for an open-minded jury.

Jurors’ experiences and opinions often influence how they assimilate case facts. The best approach for seating a favorable jury is to focus on de-selecting those who arrive with a lens so clouded by bias they could never accept your position.

Our trusted consultants have successfully helped our clients pick thousands of juries in trial venues across the country. We know it is essential to have a well-formulated plan and an experienced team to assist in making immediate, crucial decisions about who to keep and who to strike. We build robust juror profiles, identify biases, track voir dire comments, and apply years of practical experience to get the riskiest jurors removed from your panel.

Partner with our jury selection experts to make sure the right audience hears your argument.

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When the challenges of trial are upon us, our go-to is IMS. We've relied heavily on their assistance from start to finish. Their people work hard, and they "get it."

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When you have to go to trial, you want team partners who are smart, cool under pressure, and a cut above the competition in delivery. IMS is strong in all phases of the game, and you will not go wrong with them.

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