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A massive bridge spanning over a busy highway facilitating transportation


There is no such thing as a typical transportation matter. Our litigation consultants and expert partners take the time to fully understand the technologies, subject matter, and claims unique to your case—so you can achieve the best outcome.

Navigate the complexities of your transportation case with industry experts.

Transportation litigation often involves the complex interplay of various regulations, safety standards, and evolving technology, presenting a challenge for today’s legal teams. The diverse nature of transportation modes also introduces jurisdictional nuances that further complicate the resolution of disputes.

With rising public safety expectations and massive verdict precedents within the industry, a powerful case story is more important than ever. Our strategic services ensure you deliver the most compelling narrative.

The defense verdict was possible because we convinced the jury that the plaintiff's theories were not physically possible. The quality and clarity of the trial graphics helped us win this case. It was critical to have IMS on board.

Partner & Litigator

IMS quickly custom-matched the expert to our needs. Once engaged, their expert totally impressed me, my client, and our opposition.

Partner, Am Law 100 Firm