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Drs. Jill Leibold & Nick Polavin Share Safetyism Research at IMS Insights Webinar



Join us on May 20 from 1:00 to 2:30 pm ET for a groundbreaking webinar presented by IMS Senior Jury Consulting Advisor Jill Leibold, PhD and Senior Jury Consultant Nick Polavin, PhD, esteemed and pioneering researchers of juror safetyism. The two will unveil the results of their independent study, shedding light on alarming trends in safetyism, a series of thought fallacies, among jurors.

In this exclusive webinar, titled "Jurors & Safetyism: Defense Strategies to Counter Risk Aversion, Emotional Thinking, and Anti-Corporate Bias," participants will gain invaluable insights into the impact of safetyism on voir dire, jury selection, and case themes. Discover how safetyism contributes to the normalization of high-dollar "nuclear verdicts" in litigation.

Equip yourself with strategies to navigate and combat safetyism in the courtroom. Registration for the webinar is free—secure your spot now by clicking the link below.

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