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Litigation Consulting Team Presents at NJAJ Seminar



We are proud to send three IMS representatives to the New Jersey Association for Justice's (NJAJ) Boardwalk Seminar 2024 April 17-19. Senior Jury Consulting Advisor Melissa Gomez, PhD, Associate Jury Consultant Alexa Hiley, and Jury Research Specialist Kari Inners are leading a program on April 18 from 1:30 – 5:00 pm ET.

This engaging presentation will dissect various facets of juror psychology and perspectives tailored for complex matters, offering valuable insights to enhance trial strategies. The program will unfold across several sections, each spotlighting pivotal steps attorneys can take to elevate their advocacy for their cases. Highlighted topics include:

  • The Elements of Psychology that Impact Jury Trials: Unpacking the psychological underpinnings that influence juror decision-making, providing a strategic advantage in the courtroom.
  • Current Data Trends in Juror Perceptions: Leveraging cutting-edge data trends to understand and navigate juror perceptions effectively.
  • Witnesses as Messengers: Harnessing the power of witness testimony as a tool, enabling the delivery of a compelling narrative.
  • Social media: Exploring the impact of social media and how to benefit from using these platforms during jury selection and voir dire.
  • Educating and Sending the Right Message: Crafting a digestible, cohesive message that resonates with jurors.

At IMS, our seasoned jury consultants draw upon extensive trial experience and rigorous data analysis to distill complex disputes into clear and compelling narratives. Our proven research strategies and innovative technologies empower legal teams to understand decision-makers' motivations and design themes that resonate with jurors. Rely on our litigation consulting service to bolster your strategy and gain a competitive edge. Contact us today to get started.

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