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(On Demand) IMS Insights Live Panel Event: Data Breaches and Their Impact on Litigation


Thank you for an incredible event.

Thank you to everyone who joined our virtual live panel event on November 10, 2021. We were honored to hear from four experts on the impact of data breaches on the legal and business communities and current trends in cybersecurity litigation and policymaking. We are grateful to General Aaron D. Ford, Dr. Edwin Hernandez, Jennifer Schaller, and Ashley L. Taylor, Jr. for their time and expertise, and to IMS Client Services Advisor Adam Bloomberg for moderating this virtual event.

If you were unable to attend the live panel, click here to watch the recording on demand.

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During this one-hour panel, you'll discover answers to these questions and many more.

  1. How are state laws addressing cybersecurity?
  2. What can states do to protect businesses from data breaches?
  3. Who is responsible for regulating privacy?
  4. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected data breaches?
  5. What are the challenges related to prosecuting perpetrators of cyberattacks?
  6. What liabilities do companies have to clients and customers whose information was disclosed?
  7. What should small businesses do to prevent data breaches?
  8. Should you pay ransom to hackers who have locked your confidential data?
  9. Which industries are more likely to be targeted in a cyberattack?
  10.  How can cyberattacks affect intellectual property?
  11. What is considered a “reasonable” measure of security when it comes to protecting information?
  12. How does cybersecurity regulation relate to public records?

Download a transcript of the live panel event here.