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IMS Receives Second Consecutive NLJ Award for Best Online Jury Research Provider



IMS Legal Strategies has been named a Top 3 Online Jury Research Provider in The National Law Journal's esteemed "Best Of" readership survey, marking the second consecutive year IMS has received this honor. Our team is privileged to support the NLJ community with specialized litigation consulting services, including online jury research, for high-stakes disputes nationwide. We are honored by the continued recognition and extend appreciation to all who contributed to our win.

The NLJ's annual awards survey is open to attorneys, judges, and law firm officers and contains a crafted ballot of categories identified as critical to the practice of law. Following a period of analysis based on feedback from the publication's readership and professionals across the legal industry, the top three winners in each category are announced in a special annual edition.

IMS jury consultants combine unmatched experience, rigorous data analysis, and innovative technology to help litigators understand juror perceptions of their case at a deeper level and develop the most compelling narrative for trial. One of the many benefits of working with IMS is utilizing The AdvantageTM, our proprietary jury research application, to instantly visualize mock trial data and assess the strength of key themes, evidence, and witnesses. This dynamic platform enables you to see the “why” behind jurors’ responses and gain powerful insights to inform critical decisions. Learn more below or contact us to request a consultation about our services.

The AdvantageTM: An Interactive Juror Insights Application | IMS Legal Strategies

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