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United States v. Bruce Karatz



IMS Consulting & Expert Services teamed up with Keker, Van Nest & Peters in a case to represent a former CEO of a public company in a criminal stock options backdating trial.

Our Role

IMS Consulting & Expert Services partnered with the Keker, Van Nest & Peters team to develop a case story and graphics to teach our side of the case to the jury and rebut the government’s assertions. During the course of the six-week trial, IMS worked in the war room with the trial team to provide new visual demonstratives and graphical edits in real time to respond to the dynamically shifting priorities at trial.

Case Results

The jury acquitted on 16 of 20 counts. A federal judge then threw out one of two mail fraud counts. Despite the government’s recommendation of a six-year prison term, our client received only eight months of home confinement and a fine.

Graphic Examples

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