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The Case Computes: Finding an Expert in Data Analytics



An antitrust case involving advertising revenue, website analytics, and image search led attorneys to IMS in pursuit of an expert witness in data analytics.

The Case Challenge

Our client attorneys represented the defendant, a major internet company, in an antitrust suit filed by a stock photography company. They sought a data analytics expert to review a large collection of internet search and traffic data. The clients’ ideal candidate was an academic with experience as an expert witness who could begin work on the case immediately.

The Expert Solution

One of the biggest concerns of this search was finding an expert who met the clients’ requirements but had no prior affiliation with either party in the case. As the plaintiff and the defendant companies were significant players in their industry, this search called for careful attention to detail when vetting experts for conflicts.

An IMS researcher promptly built a list of 10 experts with PhDs and positions as instructors and/or researchers at prominent universities across the United States. Our recruiting team vetted six of the expert candidates and presented the top three to our client, who interviewed one expert and selected him for the case.

As a professor of computer science and engineering and the former chief technical officer of a social media analytics company, the chosen expert is considered an authority in data analysis technologies and website analytics. He has authored more than 100 publications on data analytics topics such as data mining, AI, and machine learning. He holds a PhD in computer science and has previous expert witness experience in multiple cases with trial testimony.

The Outcome

The case resulted in a final judgment in favor of our client, the defendant.

Data Analytics Is Enhancing and Advancing Disputes

Industries run on data, and the rapid development of data analytics technology continues to raise complex legal challenges for companies worldwide. Those leveraging data analytics must navigate a landscape of evolving regulations, privacy concerns, and ethical considerations to mitigate risks.

Staying abreast of litigation trends and implementing robust compliance and operational frameworks is essential for minimizing exposure to lawsuits involving data privacy and ownership, algorithmic bias or misappropriation, market dominance, and deceptive practices. Should your firm or client face such a dispute, it is critical to engage an expert early in the process. Making the right decisions starts with the right data and reliable analysis.

How IMS Can Help

IMS offers unique solutions to align you with the best data analytics expert for your case, including a custom search process and direct access to a staff of PhD experts in finance, economics, statistics, and psychology. Contact our team to get started.

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