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Into the (Data) Breach: Finding a Corporate Cybersecurity Expert



A class-action suit brought by investors in a major hospitality company after a security breach required a cybersecurity expert with experience in corporate IT.

The Case Challenge

IMS supported a union pension fund in a federal securities class action suit brought against a multinational company in the hospitality industry. The case focused on the financial fallout following a data security breach.

Our client represented the plaintiff and sought an expert with executive-level corporate experience in information technology to discuss the process of investigating and disclosing a data breach and to examine the problems involved in the incident, including what measures could have been taken to prevent it.

The client needed an IT security professional knowledgeable about the requirements and standards for disclosing a data breach to customers and investors. The ideal expert would have experience integrating two corporate networks following a merger or acquisition and leading a corporate IT department as a chief information officer (CIO) or chief information security officer (CISO).

The Expert Solution

We were tasked with finding an expert whose experience resides at the intersection of IT security and corporate finance. Our expert services team conducted a custom search to find the best candidates for this unique need.

An IMS researcher identified eight cybersecurity professionals who fit the requirements, and our recruiting team vetted and presented four qualified experts to the client. The first three expert presentations were in our clients’ hands within two business days of starting the search. Following interviews with three candidates, the client engaged an expert who exceeded their expectations.

The chosen expert is a consultant who spent her career managing cybersecurity for several large financial services companies, earned a PhD in systems engineering, and served as an expert witness in previous legal disputes.

The Outcome

This case was dismissed.

Experts Provide Solutions for Complex Cybersecurity Cases

The cybersecurity landscape witnessed significant volatility in 2023. Data breach class-action suits increased and cyberattacks will only become more sophisticated as hackers find new ways to circumvent security measures. Each case raises industry- and company-specific issues that are unique. Healthcare and financial services businesses face particular challenges navigating the complex world of data protection, privacy, and cybersecurity. A variety of expertise will continue to be in demand to help attorneys, courts, and juries make sense of the issues in high-stakes disputes.

How IMS Can Help

IMS provides access to the top consulting and testifying experts in the information technology, cybersecurity, and data privacy industries. Whether you need a technical expert to analyze risks and weaknesses in a network or a corporate security manager to provide a high-level perspective, our search teams will work to find the exact expert to meet your requirements. Contact us to start your custom expert witness search today:

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