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Tim Kirkman

Senior Director of Innovation

Tim Kirkman, Senior Director of Innovation, collaborates with members of IMS executive leadership to identify and develop effective and fruitful approaches to business challenges. Clients consider him a trusted partner because, throughout his nearly two decades at IMS, he has consistently provided them with expert witnesses and consulting professionals who strengthen their cases. Within IMS, team members look to Tim as a proactive resource who helps them develop and deliver client-centric solutions.

An important aspect of Tim’s role as senior director of innovation is to constantly keep his eye on trends and changes that take place within the legal ecosystem, and then to strive for optimal pivots of the company’s direction based on those trends. When he served as a recruiter for the Expert Services Department during the financial crisis of 2008–2011, his keen insights helped IMS record expert witness income. In 2012–2017, when he was director of IMS Research & Recruiting, his vast industry knowledge led that division to achieve significant operational and financial growth. In 2017, his cognizance of the need for greater client-focused solutions led to the establishment of Expert Witness Engagement Services.

Although Tim always has an eye on the future, he couldn’t have anticipated the coming of the pandemic. He, along with all IMS team members, faced that challenge head-on by immediately moving all litigation services online and by helping both attorneys and witnesses adjust to the new virtual legal environment. Tim said the way the company came together makes him immensely proud. He said it was a testament to the fact that team members have deeply ingrained the IMS Core Values, especially the values to “operate as servant leaders,” “honor the relationship,” and “operate as one.”

Tim possesses a BS in engineering from the United States Naval Academy and an MBA from the University of Dallas. Prior to joining IMS, he worked in the information technology field. He was VP computer operations for LabCorp, director of information technology for Grand Metropolitan PLC, and SVP computer operations for Peer Services. Tim served as a commissioned officer in the USMC as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam during 1967 and 1968.

Yearly, Tim volunteers with an organization that delivers Christmas gift bags to the elderly. When not working, Tim enjoys hunting with his sons and grandson in Molino, Florida. He also likes to surf fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Tim lives on Perdido Key Beach in northwest Florida, where he especially enjoys any time spent with his three children, his grandchildren, and his great-grandson.

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