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Neil Hoyt

Executive Client Relationship Manager

Neil Hoyt, Executive Client Relationship Manager, has made a career out of transforming challenges into success stories. In his role at IMS, attorneys from the nation’s largest law firms turn to him when they need expert witnesses who match precise specifications, and Neil delivers. He is familiar with many of the world’s leading subject matter experts and he knows how to rally the capabilities of his skilled colleagues on the IMS research and recruiting teams. Those attributes combined with his tenacity and determination have enabled him, for two decades, to align top attorneys with leaders in the fields of science, medicine, technology, manufacturing, insurance, finance, and more.

Neil is now able to help his clients solve complex legal issues by connecting them with seasoned trial consultants who can refine case strategies, jury consultants who can conduct research to test and validate those strategies, graphics artists adept at creating powerful visual advocacy, and trial technicians who ensure flawless courtroom presentations.

Neil’s early professional endeavors prior to joining IMS likewise involved meeting challenges head-on and then surmounting them. He served as vice president, business operations of the Pensacola Ice Pilots and effectively brought the sport of ice hockey to the community, turning a population of people largely unfamiliar with the sport into avid fans. He was also formerly director, ticket operations for the Atlanta Knights Hockey Club, vice president, marketing of the New York Mets Baseball Camp, and assistant director, ticket sales for the Atlanta Braves National League Baseball Club.

Successes have followed Neil to IMS, and to say he is tireless is an understatement. He likes to win because he knows when he does, his clients win. Nothing gives Neil more satisfaction than to assist his clients in achieving successful outcomes.

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