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Jessica Baer

Jury Consultant

Jessica Baer’s education in the social sciences and in-depth experience in legal consulting over the past 15 years have provided the foundation for her role at IMS. As a jury consultant, Jessica specializes in designing supplemental juror questionnaires, leading focus groups, and performing qualitative research analyses. She has worked on cases involving transportation issues, intellectual property, and medical/pharmaceutical matters, to name a few. She has an extensive background in legal communication and began her consulting career during her post-graduate years, where she taught public speaking and worked in the juvenile court system as a mediator in alternative dispute resolution.

Jessica holds a Master’s degree in communication studies, a BA in communication studies (rhetoric), and a BA in political science from Miami University of Ohio.

Notable publications and presentations:

  • Baer, J.K. (2019). Is a Shadow Jury Worth the Risk? Insights.
  • Baer, J.K. (2015). Out-of-Town Attorneys vs Local Attorneys: Accents, Impact and More. Insights.
  • Baer, J.K. (2015). Is There Juror Bias Against Female Attorneys? Insights.
  • Baer, J.K. (2015). Attorney-Juror Contact: What to Do When Running into a Juror Outside of the Courtroom. Insights.
  • Baer, J.K. & Babbitt, E.K. (2015). What Are the Critical Juror Attitudes to Know before Jury Selection in Medical Malpractice Litigation? Insights.
  • Baer, J.K. (2015). The Best Time to Conduct a Mock Trial When Media Publicity Is Involved. Insights.
  • Babbitt, E. & Baer, J.K. (2012). A view from the jury box: Managing jurors’ beliefs about women attorneys. Insights.
  • Baer, J.K. & Wilinski, J. (2010). Post-Trial interviews: How to avoid a minefield to secure a gold mine of information. Insights.
  • Baer, J.K. (2009). Issues for today’s dental malpractice defendant. Presentation at CNA HealthPro Insurance Annual Meeting.
  • Baer, J.K. (2009). The current climate for today’s medical malpractice defendant. Presentation at CNA HealthPro Insurance Annual Meeting.
  • Baer, J.K. (2009). Accidents on Trial: Inside the mind of the juror. Presentation for Kansas Trial Lawyers Continued Legal Education.
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