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The Art of Teaching Complex Technology in Patent Litigation



No matter how complex or arcane the technology in a patent dispute might be, there is always a way to simplify it. Everything can be distilled down into clear, concise, and accurate explanations that judges, juries, and other decision-makers can comprehend. The challenge is connecting the seemingly indecipherable to why it matters. Learn the tricks of the trade from our experts who overcome this challenge in patent litigation cases involving the most sophisticated intellectual property, every day.

We will explore strategies for expert reports, presentation requirements for Markman hearings, and the collaborative process between experts and graphic designers from concept to final visual presentation.

Join expert witness, patent inventor, and professor Ian Cullimore, BSc, PhD, and IMS trial consultant Dan Martin as they share their insights on presenting compelling and understandable evidence in a patent dispute. IMS client success advisor Adam Bloomberg will serve as moderator of this virtual event.


Dan Martin has been providing notable litigators throughout the country with winning visual courtroom strategies for more than 20 years as a trial consultant. Dan has extensive experience producing graphics for all litigation types, with specialties in visualizing complex data, 2D and 3D animations, multimedia tutorials, field recordings, site documentation, and audio enhancement.

Professor Ian Cullimore has extensive experience serving as an expert witness in complex litigation involving technology, particularly in the area of computer patents. Using this expertise, he has participated in 31 cases to date. In addition, he is a lifelong inventor with 8 US patents in his name. Professor Cullimore also specializes in IoT, embedded, handhelds, smartphones, mobile and other technologies. His work is based in the UK and in the US, primarily in Silicon Valley, at companies ranging from small startups to large corporations.


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