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Dr. Melissa Gomez Joins CNN News Central to Share Expert Perspective



May 30, 2024

IMS Senior Jury Consulting Advisor Dr. Melissa Gomez appeared this afternoon on CNN News Central to offer insights on jury deliberations in the historic criminal trial involving former President Donald Trump.

During the interview, Melissa explained the concept of the “Rain Metaphor.” This metaphor illustrates how individuals can infer it is raining without directly seeing the rain, based on other indicative signs. She used this analogy to explain how jurors might interpret circumstantial evidence to reach a verdict.

Melissa also highlighted the importance of behavioral consistency in relation to circumstantial evidence, suggesting that jurors are likely assessing how consistent behaviors support the evidence presented. Furthermore, she pointed out that the jurors' specific inquiries about individual counts indicate they are meticulously piecing together information to form a comprehensive understanding of the case.

For the full conversation, click here.

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