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IMS Sponsors Two USLAW Events in Amelia Island


IMS Consulting & Expert Services is proud to be a continued sponsor of USLAW NETWORK and their various events throughout the year. Our 2022 partnership continues with the USLAW Courtroom Academy and Spring Client Conference on March 16-19, 2022, in Amelia Island, FL.

IMS team members will be in attendance at the Spring Client Conference, with Jury Consulting & Strategy Advisor Dr. Christina Marinakis joining a panel on Friday, March 18 entitled "LITIGATION TRENDS POST-COVID-19: Should Our Traditional Model of Conservative, Neutral and Liberal Jurisdictions be Reconsidered? How Has Today’s Political Landscape Impacted the Composition and Deliberation of Juries?"

USLAW is an international organization composed of highly rated law firms and attorneys from across the US, Canada, Latin America, and Asia. All members are experienced in commercial and business law and litigation and have represented corporations, insurance companies, and small businesses alike. Learn more about USLAW events here.