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IMS Senior Director of Jury Consulting Joins Panel at DCAC Meeting


United Educators is hosting the Defense Counsel Advisory Committee (DCAC) Meeting on Friday, October 21 in Bethesda, MD. At 3:15 pm ET, IMS Senior Director of Jury Consulting Merrie Jo Pitera, PhD will join a panel entitled “Polarized Jurors and Their Views of Educational Institutions” to discuss the impact of recent trends polarizing jurors, such as the #metoo movement, the pandemic, and social justice initiatives. The panel will also cover how jurors’ attitudes relating to lack of trust, anti-corporate bias, and politics have influenced their view of educational institutions.

United Educators (UE) is committed to providing the coverage and tools needed to confidently operate a campus while managing education-specific risks. UE’s focus is exclusively on education and finding new ways to meet insurance coverage needs, manage risk, and efficiently resolve claims. More information on United Educators and this meeting can be found here.