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Dr. Marinakis Discusses Effective Voir Dire Strategies at IADC Midyear Meeting


IMS Jury Consulting & Strategy Advisor Christina Marinakis, JD, PsyD will join the “Wheel of Fortune: Effective Voir Dire Strategies” panel on Monday, February 20 during IADC's Midyear Meeting in Austin, TX.

Alongside fellow panelists, Dr. Marinakis will explore using voir dire to develop challenges for cause, the attorney’s duty of candor to the court, juror bias, rehabilitating jurors after potentially harmful admissions, meeting the duty to zealously advocate for clients during voir dire, and several ethical considerations. The panel’s questions will cover numerous practice areas to benefit all members in attendance and do so in a manner engaging for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. See the event agenda for details on this multi-day program held February 18-24. IMS Jury Consultant Nick Polavin, PhD will also be in attendance.

The International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) is dedicated to serving and benefiting members, the legal profession, and the civil justice system by enhancing the development of skills, professionalism, diversity, and camaraderie in the practice of law. IMS is proud to support IADC as a sponsor of this event.

Dr. Marinakis's book, Pattern Voir Dire Questions, is available for purchase from James Publishing here. Use code VDQ10 to get 10% off the purchase price of the book (print, ebook, or bundle).