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Logo Downloads & Guidelines

The IMS logo is a powerful representation of everything that we are and do.




Given our logo’s role in the overall expression of our brand, it is crucial to protect its integrity and maximize its visual impact.

Correct use of the IMS logo is critical. Our logo variations must always be used on the appropriate backgrounds.

Our preferred full-color logo can only be used on a white or light gray background, or over light photography where sufficient contrast makes the name legible. Our reverse logo has only white and may be used over a dark, solid-color background and dark photography.

Ensure that our logo is always legible, and never alter the artwork. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

The IMS logo contains details that could be compromised at smaller sizes. When reproducing our logo, be conscious of its size and legibility. A minimum amount of clear space must surround the logo at all times. This space equals the size of the half of IMS icon (i.e., the two intersecting diamonds) as shown below.