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Regulations Rule the Rink: Finding a Figure Skating Expert



Salchows, axels, loops, and lutzes. You may have all the moves, but there is no skating around the rules. IMS Consulting & Expert Services kept it cool for a case requiring an authority on figure skating regulations and their potential career ramifications.

Primary Case Issue

A former Olympic figure skater’s bid to be released to a new team was restricted by their current team, allegedly preventing the young competitor from training for the buildup to the next Olympic Games.

Expert Witness Requirements

  • An expert highly knowledgeable in specific International Skating Union (ISU) rules and of the organization itself
  • Expertise in cases held before the ISU governing body, particularly those that granted an “exception for release”
  • Expertise in the “shelf life” of an Olympic figure skater, and the ramifications of not being on a team or able to train

Expert Witness Search

An internal research team submitted eight potential experts over an expedited (five business days) period. Vetted by an IMS recruiter, the candidate pool included an independent hockey professional, skating coaches, and a former competitive figure skater.

Expert Witness Placement

The chosen expert was the founder of an international sports governance consultancy with more than 15 years of experience. His former role at the International Skating Union headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, gave him firsthand knowledge of ISU rules and cases—including several exceptions for release.

Case Results

The court dismissed this case without prejudice.

IMS knows the subject matter authorities across every industry and discipline. No matter your specific needs, IMS will locate and deliver the best-aligned expert witness.

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