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A Bedroom Affair: Finding a Mattress Coil Spring Assembly Expert



Did you know that people spend about one-third of their lives in bed? That means sleep is big business, and therefore, mattress inventors closely guard their trade secrets. For a patent infringement matter, IMS Consulting & Expert Services wasted no time snoozing when asked to locate a mattress coil spring expert who could testify about the design and development of pocketed coil spring assemblies.

Primary Case Issue

A supplier of bedding and upholstered bedding components alleged a major manufacturer infringed certain patents relating to the process used to produce pocketed coil spring assemblies for mattresses.

Expert Witness Requirements

  • Extensive industry experience with pocketed coil spring assemblies used in mattresses
  • Knowledge concerning the design, development, supply, and manufacture of those assemblies
  • A degree in mechanical engineering

Expert Witness Search

An internal research team submitted 19 experts over an eight-day period. These expert candidates were pre-vetted by an IMS recruiter and all candidates possessed extensive academic and practical knowledge concerning pocketed coil mattresses.

Expert Witness Placement

The chosen expert had a degree in mechanical engineering and first-hand experience designing coils, coil assemblies, and machinery that produced pocketed coil products. They served as an independent product design consultant focused on new product development for the furniture industry, as well as a director of process development and principal for mattress manufacturing companies. In addition, this expert authored multiple patents and had experience in patent infringement litigation.

Case Results

This case settled.

IMS knows the subject matter authorities across every industry and discipline. No matter your specific needs, IMS will locate and deliver the best-aligned expert witness.

Let’s find your expert:

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