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What’s in a Name? Finding a Luxury Branding Expert



Did you know that merchants have been using pictorials and symbols for thousands of years to market their goods and services? Whether conspicuous or minimalist, branded products convey meaning about the product and the user. How does branding influence consumer decisions about product selection? IMS found the perfect expert to explain this issue for an intellectual property dispute.

Primary Case Issue

Our client represented an established luxury brand known worldwide in the high-end fashion market. A younger brand entered the luxury goods market and utilized a similar naming convention, causing concern that consumers would not discern that the brands were distinct. Therefore, our client filed proceedings for trademark infringement and sought an expert to explain how the defendant’s use of a trademarked brand name would cause confusion among consumers and ultimately bring financial harm to the established brand.

Expert Witness Requirements

  • Expertise with branding and marketing in the luxury goods industry
  • Ability to speak to the impact of consumer brand confusion
  • Preference for an advanced degree
  • Previous experience serving as an expert witness

Expert Witness Search

Our search team located eight experts within the first business day. Overall, the researcher identified 21 experts with industry or academic experience in luxury goods. An IMS recruiter contacted each expert to clear conflicts and vet their credentials and experience. Profiles of eight highly qualified candidates were sent to the client, who chose to interview three experts.

Expert Witness Placement

The client selected an expert with multiple advanced degrees and 20 years of experience researching luxury goods markets and discussing the impacts of culture on branding and consumerism.

Case Results

Summary judgment in favor of the client.

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