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Temperatures Rose Over Healthcare Payment Systems: Finding an Electronic Payment Transaction Expert



For this patent infringement dispute, IMS Consulting & Expert Services was asked to find an expert who had extensive knowledge in the arena of prepaid and debit card technology, point-of-sale electronic transactions, and point-of-sale payment systems used in the healthcare industry.

Primary Case Issue

A point of sale is the time and place of the exchange between a buyer and seller. A point-of-sale transaction is the conversion of money into goods and services. A point-of-sale system, in this technological age, is the software and hardware that enables and keeps track of the transactions.

This case involved a point-of-sale system and the associated transactions that took place when pre-paid or debit medical card users accessed their health benefits accounts. The plaintiff alleged a credit card company infringed both its system and transaction technology patents.

Expert Witness Requirements

  • Extensive knowledge about the hardware and software associated with prepaid card technology and electronic transaction services used in the healthcare industry
  • Extensive knowledge of point-of-sale electronic transactions and payment systems

Expert Witness Search

An internal research team submitted 13 experts over a 10-day period. Many of these expert candidates had decades of experience working within the electronic payment card technology industry, and thus, they had the ability to offer extensive insights concerning both present technologies and the prior evolutions of those technologies.

Expert Witness Placement

Five expert candidates were shared with and under consideration by our client, but none were ultimately utilized in this case since the judge granted a stipulation of noninfringement.

Included among these candidates was a transaction processing expert with two decades of experience in the financial payments industry. A leader within the industry, they possessed vast knowledge of POS applications related to processing systems for healthcare claims adjudication, benefits eligibility, and electronic benefits transfer (EBT). They had been published in a variety of payment industry media.

Another expert had 25 years of experience in smart card, security, and electronic transaction technologies. They were president of a technology and management consulting firm, had consulted on a wide variety of electronic card technologies, and had served as director of the Smart Card Industry Association.

Case Results

Summary judgment of noninfringement.

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