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Risky Business: Finding an Expert in Corporate Governance



The Federal Trade Commission reports that investors lost nearly $4 billion to fraud last year. Consumers seek transparency and accountability from institutions holding their funds to ensure their assets are managed responsibly.

While many outside actors target their customers, how do banks, wealth management, and other financial services entities prevent mismanagement internally? IMS located an expert in corporate governance to clarify the inner workings of financial institutions for a breach of contract dispute.

Primary Case Issue

Our client represented an insurance company that denied claims filed by the receiver of a collapsed financial institution. They sought an expert witness to explain the operating principles of a corporate board of directors and assess whether the board at issue fulfilled its duties to professional and ethical standards.

Expert Witness Requirements

  • Experience with the processes and controls that direct a corporation's activities
  • Understanding of the professional norms and best practices for a board's membership and operations
  • Ability to discuss board and company auditing frameworks
  • Experience with financial institutions preferred

Expert Witness Search

An IMS researcher identified 14 expert candidates with the required corporate board experience. After contacting each expert to clear conflicts and vet credentials, an IMS expert recruiter provided four highly qualified candidate profiles to our client within three business days. Our team continued to search and shared additional pre-vetted candidates the following week. The submitted experts had an average of 30 years of experience in the financial industry.

Expert Witness Placement

Our client retained an expert within 15 business days and selected a professor with 20 years of experience in corporate finance and board administration. This expert also had executive and advanced degrees and experience testifying in deposition, trial, and arbitration.

Case Results

This case settled.

IMS knows the subject matter authorities across every industry and discipline. No matter your specific needs, IMS will locate and deliver the best-aligned expert witness.

Let’s find your expert:

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