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Beyond the Bio: A Spotlight on Jorge Monroy & Olivia Goodman


At IMS, we believe our people are our greatest asset. In honor of our incredible team, we are thrilled to go “beyond the bio” and share the personal stories of employees across our organization.

The IMS jury consulting team consists of jury consultants and research coordinators who provide insight into how jurors will perceive key issues, evidence, and testimony, enabling clients to select the jurors most likely to become advocates in deliberations. As integral members of this process, Jorge Monroy and Olivia Goodman offer “Ownership Thinking” to assist clients in every matter. Read on to learn how Jorge and Olivia started in the industry, their biggest accomplishments, and their favorite cases to work on.

Jorge Monroy, Jury Consultant

Q: Why did you get into this industry?

A: I got into this industry because I wanted to find a way to use my expertise in psychology to make a difference in real-world cases. As a jury consultant at IMS, I can leverage my skills and experience to help clients identify their strengths and weaknesses, frame key arguments, and ultimately, use jury research as a learning opportunity for trial. I chose IMS because it seemed like an emerging leader in the litigation support field. Two years in and I am happy to have picked wisely.

Q: What do you like most about your specific department and/or role?

A: The thing I enjoy most about my department and role is that I am always doing something different. Whether it is traveling to another state for a jury selection, jury research, or tuning in for something remote, my day-to-day is never the same.

Q: What internal accomplishment are you most proud of?

A: It has been very rewarding to serve as a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC). Serving at the forefront with industry leaders shows me how much we have accomplished as a field and gives me perspective on how to continue developing as a professional.

Q: Are there any stories/memories you would like to share?

A: I do not think I can pick just one. It is always memorable when you work on a case and hear from clients that the work you put in paid off. Whether it is a theme that resonated particularly well with a jury, a witness whose testimony was much more receptive than before, or a jury that the clients are happy with. Each case is unique and rewarding in its own way.

Q: What do you think sets IMS apart from competitors or other companies?

A: IMS strives to meet all aspects of a client’s needs in a way that is unparalleled. Seeing different IMS departments come together, from video editing to presentation support in court to my own jury consulting department, it has been a truly unique experience to see all that we have to offer.

Q: How do the IMS core values align with your own?

A: IMS core values align with my own in many ways. From being dependable and “Honoring the Relationship” to encouraging teamwork and “Operating as One,” our core values provide a great framework for a company to grow not only with its clients but together as a team.

Q: If you were an attorney-client (or an expert witness), what would you find most valuable about the process at IMS?

A: If I were an attorney-client, I would find the integration between different departments at IMS to bea highly valuable process. The ability to tackle problems as separate but integrated processes allows for cohesion as we pull from a broad range of experiences, successes and failures, and expertise, all pushing toward success. My experiences allow me to consult with clients on what I have seen work in the past, but they are limited to my piece of the pie. When considering things that fall outside my scope of knowledge, I can always rely on folks in other departments to lend their experience.

Q: Do you have any predictions or comments on industry trends?

A: Industry trends are always fascinating. Many of these issues are slow-moving, and you can often see them if you just look closely enough. Whether it is public distrust in government agencies due to train derailments, skepticism towards cryptocurrency companies as a result of major bankruptcies in the sector, or police attitudes in the face of Black Lives Matter protests and local sentiment toward crime, all of these issues have implications for juror attitudes in the grand scheme.

Q: What has been your favorite case to work on so far?

A: My favorite case I have worked on so far has been performing jury selection for a case in Maui. The amount of variability in the process between different venues keeps you on your toes. Bonus points when the case allows for a quick mini vacation with my wife and kids!

Olivia Goodman, Jury Research Coordinator

Q: How/why did you get into this industry?

A: I studied psychology and law in college and was first introduced to the jury research field by a former internship supervisor. I was very interested in how studying human behavior can be used to provide insight into trial outcomes.

Q: How did you find/why did you choose IMS?

A: During my senior year of undergrad, I joined ASTC to learn more about the field. I found IMS through networking, and I am glad I did!

Q: What do you like most about your specific department and/or role?

A: I am so proud to be on the jury research consulting team alongside such hardworking and intelligent young women.

Q: What internal accomplishment are you most proud of?

A: While we have several standardized designs for our jury research projects, there are some instances where we adapt these designs to accommodate a specific case or client. When designs are complex, they require teamwork and creative problem-solving to execute. We recently accomplished a project where we started as one large group – then split the room in half and ran two separate, simultaneous focus groups. The unique design called for a new report format, and, through lots of collaboration and hard work, we produced a report consisting of all the data we collected, which was more than 150 pages in length.

Q: Are there any stories/memories you would like to share?

A: One of my favorite memories was when I was traveling to Los Angeles for a project. My colleague and I went to the Santa Monica pier and spent time by the beach on a free afternoon. I had never been to LA before, so I was excited to have some free time to experience part of the city.

Q: How do the IMS core values align with your own?

A: In my own life, I place a lot of value on my family and friendships. The IMS core value “Honor the Relationship” resonates with me. A strong relationship is built on consistency, communication, and respect. These pillars hold true for both personal and professional ties.

Q: Do you have any predictions or comments on industry trends?

A: Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are affecting so many facets of life, I expect we are not far off from it seeping into jury research as well. While there is understandable fear and uncertainty surrounding AI, we need to accept that it is becoming more and more prominent. We should be prepared to adapt and learn to harness the power of AI and use it to our advantage.

Q: What has been your favorite case to work on so far?

A: My favorite so far was a defamation lawsuit involving someone who sued a corporation for portraying them as a villain in a scripted TV series based on a real case. The plaintiff claimed it led to her being “canceled” and losing job opportunities. In our true crime-obsessed society, these "based on true events" shows are increasingly popular. This case raised an interesting point about the implications of using creative interpretation when portraying real-life events.

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Thank you to Jorge and Olivia for their dedication to our team and the clients and experts we support. Together, we win.

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