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Dr. Christina Marinakis Featured on “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace”


IMS Jury Consulting & Strategy Advisor Christina Marinakis, JD, PsyD appeared on Fox Nation with Nancy Grace to provide her expert opinion on witness testimony and juror perceptions during the Alex Murdaugh murder trial. Stream the related podcast, “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace,” at the links below.

[Crime Stories with Nancy Grace] Murdaugh Murders: DID MURDAUGH DISCARD BLOODY SHOES? – Crime Online 

Murdaugh Murders: DID MURDAUGH DISCARD BLOODY SHOES? - Crime Stories with Nancy Grace -

Key Insights from Dr. Marinakis:

“Jurors see the same witness testimony and come away with different conclusions. But when you have multiple witnesses lining up and suggesting the same thing, it creates a more cohesive, believable story for the prosecution.”

“From a juror’s perspective, the lack of a motive brings reasonable doubt. The defense needs to prove that there’s reasonable doubt. That’s how you can get an acquittal in these types of cases. “

“Jurors take signs of nervousness, like chewing gum or not making eye contact, as signs of dishonesty or being uncomfortable. Jurors make conclusions from that behavior—that he’s nervous about what’s being said on the stand.”